Eating in Beckley-Raleigh County

Bring Your Appetite

One thing people in the Beckley-Raleigh County Area take seriously is dining. Whether it’s a down-home mountain-style meal, or a juicy steak at a candle-lit table, we’ve got what you’re craving.


If you’re planning an event in our area, there are several different catering companies to suit your needs. From conferences to weddings, any meal of the day, we have a caterer that can provide the dishes you desire.

Fine Dining

Depending on the occasion, food can be the ultimate reward for a job well done. Whatever you have to celebrate, do it at one of Beckley-Raleigh County’s fine dining establishments.

Casual Eateries

Restaurants in Beckley-Raleigh County serve all manner of styles of delicious food. From the several national chain restaurants in our area to some of Beckley’s own original establishments, our restaurants are widely varied in style and flavor.

Fast Food

Looking for food, fast? There are lots of options. Not only do we have all the biggest national chain restaurants, but we also have a lot of independent fast food stores, as well.

Bars and Lounges

If you need to unwind, we have just the place. Or places. There are several different bars and lounges to choose from when visiting Beckley-Raleigh county.