Our Area

Life And Work Around Beckley

What’s our area like? We’re a city in a mountain community. That would be enough to set us apart from most places. But we’re also a rural county with plenty of open space, right between three national parks. And we’re connected with highways, interstates, and a regional airport.

We place a premium on education. We’ve got a low crime rate. And we have a strong, ready workforce. Beckley is an ideal place to grow or move a business.

But we also have skiing. And lots of golf. And some of the best adventure recreation in the world in the form of whitewater rafting, mountain biking, and ATV trail riding. Raleigh County is a great place to live, too.

The Beckley-Raleigh County area is a perfect place to live and work for more people every year. We grow by inviting new people into our vibrant community and rich heritage. Come see how we work and play- the mountains aren’t as far away as they used to be!


The Beckley Raleigh County Memorial Airport is know throughout the area as the “Hub Of The South”. The airport is located just 1 1/2 miles from I-164, and only 4 miles away from I-77. The airport excels at offering access to the important North-South corridor along the east coast. Airport service is available around the clock, every day of the year.

The crossroads of interstate and U.S. highways that serve Beckley-Raleigh County is extensive. From south to north is I-77, connecting Beckley to Charlotte and Cleveland. East to west runs I-64 linking Raleigh County to Richmond and Louisville. U.S. 19 launches from Beckley as well, crossing the New River Gorge on the famous New River Gorge Bridge and joining our area with the rest of West Virginia.

Stay, Play, Eat, and Meet

If you’re here on business or just visiting the area, welcome! You’ll find everything you need right here to make your stay as productive as it can be. Browse through the information here- it contains everything that travelers or planners need to know about Beckley-Raleigh County.


There are a lot of options for accommodations here in the Beckley-Raleigh county area. Our resorts are capable of catering to the needs of large groups as well as individual travelers. Hotels in the area offer a wide variety of options. Raleigh County is unique in the amount of cabin retreats available because of our mountain location.


If you’re looking for recreation, you’ve come to the right place. Our part of West Virginia is the hub of ATV four-wheeler excitement. And we’re located in between three national parks, as well as several state parks. We’ve got three seasons of the world’s best whitewater, and skiing in the wintertime. We’re also an outdoorsman’s paradise, with some of the best hunting and fishing on the planet.


Beckley-Raleigh County has some of the finest Appalachian food you’ll find anywhere. Gourmet chefs in our area have brought mountain cuisine to new heights. There are also several nationwide chains that have set up shop in our area. No matter what you’re in the mood for, you can find it in the southern West Virginia mountains.


There are as many places to do business in Beckley-Raleigh County as there are places to get away from it all. From great banquet halls and convention spaces to remote area retreats, meetings large and small are well suited to what we have to offer. As a bonus, there’s plenty of nightlife around town after a hard day at work.